What Do Aquarius Men Like in Bed?

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Aquarius Man and Valentine's Day

Problems with Aquarius Men on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day falls on 14th February when the Sun is in Aquarius. You'd think therefore that Aquarius man is the perfect man to spend Valentine's Day with. Well. we're here to tell you that if you ever spend a romantic, gift and love token swapping Valentine's Day with an Aquarius man then this is the exception which proves the rule. Don't expect the same next year or within the decade - we are talking about Aquarius men and they are the flighty in the zodiac.

The trouble is that Valentine's Day can worry the Aquarius man. He might think you are closing him down, moving in on him if you make a big thing of it. If you are expecting some sort of romantic gesture from him you may be waiting until hell freezes over. The most likely time this will happen at the beginning of the relationship or until he believes you feel more for him than he does for you. This is not a nice thing to have had to tell you. Some partners of Aquarius (men or women) are far too slushy and romantic - these will not be around long.

Giving to Aquarius Men on Valentine's Day

There are masses of aspects involved in giving to Aquarius on Valentine's Day. For example: if you buy your Aquarius man a gift which he does not appreciate or want he could start thinking that you are not the right partner for him. depending on what you buy and how you give it will might make Aquarius man think you are too needy and, if this is the case, you're unlikely to spend another Valentine's with him.

The best way to give Aquarius man a gift for Valentine's Day is to do is casually. You could try giving him the present the day before and explaining you don't go in for slush but you didn't want to appear mean. Give him a technological device

Here are some extremely useful selection of gifts for Aquarius Men at any time of the year but specifically for Valentine's Day.  If you know Aquarius Men you will see that this is no lame brag and we'd appreciate your comments to back up this assertion.

Receiving Nothing from Aquarius Men on Valentine's Day

There is every chance that you won't receive anything from your Aquarius man on Valentine's Day. If you play your face or see it as a slight it will be noted and the question "are you right for me?" will be considered by your Aquarius man. This is a good time to reconsider your relationship. Is your Aquarius man worth the bother? Should you cut your losses? Strangely enough if you do decide to finish with Aquarius man because he is apparently uncaring and selfish and does not treat you as you want to be treated - it might lead to a healthier, stronger relationship in the future.

Comment About Your Aquarius Man on Valentine's Day

Please tell us about your Aquarius man on Valentine's Day. Have you enjoyed the day? Was your Aquarius man at all romantic? If he was and goes against the desription of Mr Aloof from Romantic Sluch painted in this article please tell us about him. We would appreciate a note of his birth date and year so we can look at the configuration of the planets and see if we can explain your man Astrologically.


  1. Hooray!

    I am an aquarius male and those gifts do look really fun. Especially the globe...but I do have a sore spot for travel. I just tell people not to get me anything cause im so hard to shop for...although when someone does get it right...it means the world to me....but 95% of the time...I hate the gift and whatever crappy idea was behind it that made you say "he would love that"....which obviously means you dont know me very well. So beware when shopping for the aquarian, think like a spy on acid and the gift will present itself.

  2. I published your comment and thank you for it. However, I'd like to point out that I never said "he would love that" and know you even much better than you think.

    Regards from Enigmata

  3. It would be nice to read more inputs written by Aquas on what they'd like or wouldn't like.

  4. I hv an aquarius bf, sis and bestie. THEY R SO HARD TO PLEASE. So, this yr, I'm not getting my bf anything whether bday or V day. I told him to make his own plans.

  5. Don't get them anything, they don't like to receive gifts to be later reminded of them. But if you want to do it anyway get them something unique to them, something made with your hands, artwork, cellphone, anything computer-like, random stuff you would normally not buy as a standard present...dating a wonderful Aquarian in his late 50's.


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