What Do Aquarius Men Like in Bed?

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This website was started out of necessity. Of all the dumb-ass men out there Aquarius man was and is the most problematic. Aquarius men were the ones who did your heads in, confused you or left you in a coma of commotion (not unlike being struck by a thunder bolt or smacked on the head by a sledgehammer). They were Mr. Weird, Mr. How Does She Cope With That Nutter or Mr How Come I'm Not Single?

Shortly after starting this website we realised that it served a purpose. Unlike other sites of a similar Astrological ilk, this site had a unique message. It was this site that started to evolve and develop an understanding of Aquarius men such as Mr. Weird, Mr. How Does She Cope With That Nutter? and Mr How Come I'm Not Single but also Mr. Aloof, Mr. Just Popping Down the Shops... (For Anything Up To Four Years) and gathered information - much of which came from readers comments and the Astrological research they provoked - to teach you (and its professional Astrologers) how to deal with Aquarius men.

This site has been relaunched and will have a growth spurt.  We still allow you to comment anonymously, vent and help your peers lumbered with Aquarius men. Let's start again and sort Aquarius men out once and for all!