What Do Aquarius Men Like in Bed?

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What Do Aquarius Men Like in Bed?

Purposeful Spillage after excellent foreplay...
Let's start with an analysis based on the Aquarius man's glyph:h

The glyph is up and down and in a rhythmic, short squiggle. This denotes that the act is often short lived because most Aquarius men cannot contain themselves long enough. Aquarius men, more than any other and definitely when compared to their Taurus men peers who go like trains, are prone to be diagnosed with premature ejaculation disorders. This is not strictly the case as the Aquarius man is the best at foreplay in the zodiac and, if the partners work this out, the last part of the sexual encounter will be devoted to earth moving, mutual orgasm.

So, first point to make is that:

The Aquarius man likes foreplay. In fact, the Aquarius man needs foreplay if he is to have a satisfactory love making session. If this is not the case the Aquarius man will conform to the "wham, bam, thank you mam" type of sexual partner which is a useful as a fork made from margarine... i.e. useless.

Aquarius Uncontrollable Spillage... aka premature ejaculation!
The next analysis is based on the classic water carrier symbol which (when read correctly) embodies many clues:

The water spilling uncontrollably from the vessel recalls the points already made above (re premature ejaculation) but as we have seen (hopefully anyway) this propensity can be circumnavigated and work to enhance the sexual relations our readers have with their Aquarius men. That said, the Aquarius symbol suggests other realities when it comes to having excellent and unforgettable sex with your Aquarius man. 

We have mentioned elsewhere that Aquarius men are more likely than any other sun sign to be lovers of other men. Well we were wrong as actually Aquarius men are more likely to swing both ways and have periods of homosexuality and heterosexuality in their lives. This suggests (if you can remain logical when confronted with this truth and not go off on a judgemental rant characteristic of a preacher with issues...) that the Aquarius man desires contrast. The best way for you to give him this is to ensure he has sex sessions when he is in charge but also give him sessions when you are in charge. Also remember that Aquarius men like new experiences. 

How do you make the earth move in bed with your Aquarius?
That's all for now folks! We are working on an article that will be in a more list like format but struggling with its language - the last thing we want to do is descend into some sort of masturbatory aid for sexual inadequates! 

So, in the meantime we'll throw it over to our readers. Do you agree with the analysis of what Aquarius men like in bed so far? What have you discovered Aquarius men like in bed? What have you discovered that they do not like? We hope you'll be kind enough to leave a comment below and, at some time in the future, we'll gather the information contained in the comments and subject them to some research which we'll publish on this site.

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